CaliGold Super Marine Collagen


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Our bestseller CaliGold Health Hydrolysed Marine Collagen is one of the greatest strength Collagen products available.
100% Natural Flavour & Natural Colour and No GMO.

Our Super Marine Collagen contains an amazing 10,000mg of pure peptides in every dose. Our fish collagen has been created for maximum absorption. It includes all of the essential amino acids the body needs, including 18 amino acids in total.

  • Keep Your Skin, Hair, and Nails Strong and Beautiful
  •  Younger Firmer Skin, healthy hair and hair growth and stronger nails.
  • Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Feel your skin spring back
  • Natural Regeneration of Cartilage, Tissue and Joints and Lubrication.
  • Renew your joint health to keep moving and reduce inflammation and joint pain


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