1Up Nutrition His BCAA/EAA Glutamine & Joint Support Plus Hydration Complex


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4 in 1 PRODUCT

Recovery Tip: The sooner your muscles recover, the quicker you can train the same body part. This leads to faster and better results over specific time period

BCAA/EAA – Promotes Protein Synthesis the process by which the body repairs damaged muscle tissue from exercise.
L-Glutamine – Promotes Muscle Recovery and Growth
Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Type II – Promotes Joint and Cartilage Recovery
Hydration Complex

STACK THIS PRODUCT: Speed results tremendously by combining this stack 1. Pre-Workout (take 20 min before workout) 2. BCAA/EAA (drink during workout) 3. 1UP Whey or ISO Protein (take right after workout). Also drink BCAA/EAA throughout the day to eliminate muscle soreness and speed up muscle recovery


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