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MHN Arez Titanium Pre Workout



Earn up to 13 Viper Points.

When it comes to Pre-Workout, the name “AREZ” rings every bell (and barbell) ever placed atop Mount Olympus.

The legend of it’s supreme God-like energy has even spread among the hardcore mortals of the long lost planet Earth, and has obtained status among it’s elites.

Forged through years of evolution and chaos, AREZ TITANIUM has become synonymous with the word POWER.

It grant’s it’s beholder motivation beyond the comprehension of a human mind, and a big enough Pump to free the world from the Dark Ages..

  • Super-Human Focus
  • God-Like Energy
  • Mind Blowing Pumps
  • Unbelievable Flavor

Dragon Punch, Slime, Tropical Wave


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