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Redcon1 Breach Ballistic is an energised version of the advanced BCAA formula Breach, delivering the 5g of BCAAs as well as caffeine, nootropics and antioxidants. What makes BCAA’s so important is that these 3 specific essential amino acids (Leucine, Iso Leucine, Valine) account for high levels of the free flowing amino acids found in our muscle tissue.
Lets take a closer look at the Redcon1 Breach blend;
2500mg Leucine – When it comes to amino acids and more specifically BCAA’s, the one that gets the most attention is Leucine. This amino acid is key to muscle growth and protein synthesis due to its ability to activate the protein known as mTOR. Redcon1 haven’t sacrificed cost and have included a huge 2500mg of Leucine per serving alongside the 2 other BCAA’s L-Valine and L-Isoleucine which are both dosed at 1250mg. This results in a solid dosage and ratio of these highly effective essential amino acids
Electrolyte Blend – With every intra workout formula comes the need for electrolyte replenishment. Hard workouts = Intense sweating and we lose essential salts through sweat so having these replenished is essential to recovery and will prevent any type of muscle cramps and dehydration.
Glycerol Monostearate – With 1000mg per serving this particular ester has the strong ability to draw water into cells due to the fact it is hygroscopic by nature. Its fast acting ability will ensure more cell volume is achieved allowing for my effective nutrient delivery and replenishment
Taurine – Delivering various roles in the body but for intra workout purposes, its ability to increase blood flow and prevent muscles cramping are the perfect reason to use during your workout. By increasing blood flow we will be able to deliver oxygen to the muscle faster whilst taking away what we don’t need from the muscle such as CO2
DiCaffeine Malate – A fused version of caffeine and malic acid which have been bonded and dosed at 50mg. This patented ingredient also known as Infinergy is 75% caffeine and 25% malic acid and the malic acid will work to buffer the salts found in caffeine. This will allow for easier digestion and not only replenishing caffeines energy production but also minimise the risk of any potential caffeine ‘crashes’.
Caffeine – The ultimate stimulant priming your focus to a new level throughout the day as well as boosting metabolism. With 50mg per serving Redcon1 haven’t crammed high doses to allow for more sustained energy output
Theobromine at 60mg – Structurally similar to caffeine which may not boast the same level of stimulus you get from caffeine but will offer long lasting energy levels to ensure you experience no dip in performance. A great addition to the Breach Ballistic blend!
Choline Bitartrate – This highly effective molecule has the ability to convert to acetylcholine which is a key neurotransmitter for brain function as well as muscle contractions. This will ensure a high level of mental intensity is maintained throughout the session and will also assist in preventing psychological crashes after and beyond your workout.


Blue Lemonade, Strawberry Kiwi, Watermelon


Size: 315g
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (10.5g)
Servings: 30

Per Serving: 10.5g (1 Scoop)
Leucine – 2.5g
Isoleucine – 1.25g
Valine – 1.25g
Glycerol – 1g
Taurine – 1g
Choline Bitartrate – 500mg
Potassium – 340mg
Sodium – 160mg
Caffeine Anhydrous – 50mg
Dicaffeine Malate – 50mg
Theobromine – 50mg

Other Ingredients:
Citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, malic acid, sucralose, acesulfame-k, maltodextrin, silica.


Mix 1 Scoop (10.5g) with 400-600ml of cold water and consume throughout your workout


Energised Version of Breach
Added Caffeine, Nootropics and Antioxidants
Improve Recovery Rate
5g of BCAA per serving
Enhances Hydration and Energy
Promotes Muscle Endurance and Growth
Great Tasting and Mixability


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