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Patented MCU-20® microencapsulation system
Ensures effective absorption of the active ingredients concerned
Optimises solubility and absorption in order to achieve a more efficient release of the active ingredients, increasing their ability to interact with the body
No degradation in the gastrointestinal tract due to “environmental” conditions or the poor solubility of the material typical of amino acids and derivatives
Prevents unwanted reactions between the ingredient of interest and the surrounding matrix

CreatineMICRO POWDER MCU-20® is a food supplement providing 3 g of creatine per daily dose, suitable for adult sportsmen who practice intense physical exercise. Creatine increases physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise. The beneficial effect is obtained with the daily intake of 3 g of creatine. The active ingredients in CREATINE MICRO POWDER play important physiological roles in case of lower intake within the diet or increased requirement (for example with physical activity).
In some cases, however, their activity may be limited due to low solubility, stability or bioavailability.
The patented MCU-20® microencapsulation system optimizes the solubility and absorption in order to obtain a more efficient release of active ingredients, increasing their ability to interact with the body. Active ingredients are encapsulated within a vesicle which can be as small as 1 – 10 µm. A single dose can contain millions of microcapsules, each one capable of releasing the active ingredients in the body.

What is microencapsulation?
The microencapsulation already present in the world of food and pharmaceuticals, today has allowed an important turning point in limits that conditioned the bioavailability of many molecules in the world of food supplementation. The microencapsulation process from which MCU-20® is born is the result of an innovative technology that allows the maximization of the transport and the relative absorption of the nutritional elements that we want to arrive unharmed and at the best of their bioavailability to maximize their effect .Many raw materials commonly used in the world of supplements have limits of various kinds, starting from a possible degradation in the gastrointestinal tract due to “environmental” conditions or to the poor solubility of the material, which can form precipitates that cannot be completely absorbed ( in the face of a considerable waste and economic cost).

What does MCU-20® technology consist of?
Thanks to the patented MCU-20® microencapsulation technique, the raw material is first dried quickly without affecting the physico-chemical properties of the element, and then it is fragmented into extremely small microgranules and then “trapped” in thin films of a microencapsulating agent, which will allow not only to protect and isolate the raw material, but also to be able to limit any unpleasant odors. Thanks to MCU-20® it has been allowed to amino acids, which are characterized by low solubility and stability in water, to enter a new era, whose luster of effectiveness is enhanced in being able to be made quickly and completely soluble, without the formation of precipitates, for a much higher absorption.

This technology has also been able to allow other raw materials typical of sports supplementation to be able to overcome the limits of oral absorption that they may present, from creatine, to l-carnitine or arginine. Thanks to the MCU-20® technology, these elements, defined as “poorly absorbed”, can demonstrate their effectiveness by bypassing environmental chemical or enzymatic limits, providing a protective and transport carrier to the small microparticles. which will reach a unique bioavailability .

Are you sure you are absorbing what you take?
Often active ingredients such as amino acids and derivatives are partially absorbed. Just think of Glutamine, which is absorbed for 60 – 80% by the intestine; the remainder is too little to meet the needs of our muscles. With MCU-20® microencapsulation technology, Glutamine passes the gastrointestinal tract unscathed to be absorbed 100%. The same is true for Arginine where about 40% of the dose introduced orally is lost and degraded by gastric juices. Or the case of Creatine where intestinal enterocytes are unable to absorb bulky micro-crystals of creatine. And taking creatine together with high glycemic index carbohydrates could be ideal for optimizing their absorption but counterproductive for those on a diet.the MCU-20® microencapsulation technology effectively guarantees 100% absorption of the active ingredients involved!

Don’t mind the price, but mind the price / absorption ratio! With Yamamoto® MCU-20® products, what you buy is assimilated! 5 grams of standard Glutamine is assimilated at 20 – 40%. So 1 or at most 2 grams. With the MCU-20® technology on 5 grams taken, 5 are assimilated!


– Preserves the functional ingredients thermolabile or susceptible to oxidation during the transformation and / or conservation processes
– Preserves functional ingredients from adverse gastric conditions to allow them to arrive at the site of interest
– Guaranteed absorption of functional ingredients, even those elements defined as “poorly absorbed” such as amino acids, carnitine and creatine
– Mask unwanted flavors
– Prevents unwanted reactions between the ingredient of interest and the surrounding matrix


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